About Us.

LEDPlay Cloud Platform. 

LEDPlay Cloud Platform is established in 2005, and locates in the east coast of Peal River delta of Southern china, belonging to the Guangdong Province of PRC, which is the First Special economic zone of china.LEDPlay Cloud Platform is a Hi-Tech enterprise in Guangdong China,A company focusing on High-end LED Display producing.

LEDPlay Cloud Platform devoted itself to design, research, manufacturing, selling  and service of outdoor and indoor LED displays.

We have a wide variety of LED display products to meet customers demands as indoor and outdoor usage such as: monochrome LED display,full color video billboard, rental LED display, highway board, sports led display, curtain led display, perimeter led display, etc. They are largely used in the fields of outdoor and indoor advertisements, sports stadium, entertainment, rental concert, traffic sign, billboard, etc.

LEDPlay Cloud Platform: Elegant, Smart, Reliable;Our vision is to be one of the top LED display manufacturuer in the world.

Our History:

2005 to 2006: Under the idea of “Easy installation, User friendly” We began its R&D in LED display field.

2006 to 2007: With the prerequisite that- Quality is life, We continued its innovation in materials selecting and production techniques.

2008 to 2010: Our displays embrace the market successfully, achieving satisfactory result.

From 2011 to 2016, our led screen  have been spreaded all over the world,more than 60 countries.


We will do better and we will achieve higher.Not only we focus on the R&D of products, but also we emphasize the quality. We are a production enterprise; we solve all the worries about quality for our customers.During production, we have strict Quality control, making sure every LED display have gone through strict tests and aging before enter into market.

Contact Us:

E-mail: info@ledplaycloud.com
Tel: +86-755-82599697
Zip: 518108
Add:18th Building,Hongfa Industrial Park,Tangtou Avenue,Shiyan,Baoan District,Shenzhen,China
Support: Support@ledplaycloud.com
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