LEDPlay Cloud Paltform

Designed for Customer Success.

We accelerated launch LEDPlay cloud platform to help customers quickly and flexibly publish and edit programs, manage screen devices, powerful, easy to operate, to provide customers with a new operating experience.

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Screen Manage Normal Schedule Scream Schedule Schedule List Text scroll notes Weather Media Files Download

Powerful function

  1. Edit message and manage schedule;
  2. Support for real-time play mode and schedule play mode;
  3. Support for real-time notes and weather forecasts;
  4. Remote management LED screen device;
  5. high-speed WIFI, remote control terminal computer directly.

More secure and efficient

  1. Real-time monitoring screen alarm status, send Email notification;
  2. Upload and download schedule ,resume from break point;
  3. Uploaded programs not repeated;
  4. Support for desktop and screen real-time monitoring.

Flexible and diverse control

  1. Phones, laptops, computers and other control equipment;
  2. IOS, Android, window cross platform web control;
  3. High speed WIFI, mobile 3G, 4G network, etc;
  4. Support stand-alone control and cloud control.